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Rules! (duh)

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Rules! (duh) Empty Rules! (duh)

Post  dqle Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:21 am

The internet is a place where anybody can do pretty much anything. However, in order for said people to cooperate and to further the interest at hand, here are a few simple rules to keep in mind:

  1. RESPECT (verb) \ri-╦łspekt\ - to have reference to
    Nobody likes a jerk who does nothing but trash talks others, whether be it the entire group or just a few individuals. Let it be known that people who actually are kind to one another tend to cooperate! In other words, be kind to others. You wouldn't want people to be a jerk to you, now do you?

    That doesn't mean you can't poke fun at others now and then. Just keep it tasteful, and make sure everybody sees it as a joke before digging further down that hole.

    This includes, but not limited to:

    No Harassment/Stalking
    Again, joking around is fine, but make sure to acknowledge that you are indeed fooling around in a timely manner. Remember, sarcasm is much harder to point out from just words on the screen!

    No Trolling
    Intentionally causing trouble is pretty stupid, and sucks for others on the receiving end. We don't like your kind messing up our tight groups!

    No Posting of "Questionable" Material
    To keep it simple, if you're not comfortable showing it in front of hundreds of strangers you don't know, then don't bother; chances are, we won't appreciate it either. If you're not sure what qualifies as "questionable", ask before showing it to the world.

    Absolutely NO Prejudice of ANY Kind
    Just because you don't agree with what another person is a part of doesn't mean you can talk smack about it. Show your views in a relatively calm discussion (as in, no insults), but an all out attack is not wanted by anybody! **Note, that this one has a zero-tolerance policy; if you break this one, you will immediately get kicked in chatrooms, or straight up banned in forums**

  2. Some Rules are Meant to be Broken, but Around Here, Laws are the Exception
    This one should speak for itself. No advertising or posting of illegal material is allowed anywhere in the chatrooms or forums. This includes, but not limited to:

    Pirated Software
    You may be a pirate, but don't go off gloating that. Illegally downloaded software hurts the economy in the long run, and can have pretty hefty consequences for anybody involved. We can't tell you to stop altogether, but we sure can stop you from participating any further.

    Malicious Software
    Yeah, viruses suck, and so do hackers. We don't need others making trouble. If you must hack, don't do it here. **Note, that this one has a zero-tolerance policy; if you break this one, you will immediately get kicked in chatrooms, or straight up banned in forums**

    Materials involving young children in adult acts are pretty much universally hated and frowned upon around the world. I bet the police would love to get their hands on these offenders. **Note, that this one has a zero-tolerance policy; if you break this one, you will immediately get kicked in chatrooms, or straight up banned in forums**

    As rebellious as we are, we cannot risk ourselves and others to break the law (not all of us are willing to go to jail for just anything!) Not only will you be kicked/banned, local authorities may be contacted for such actions.

  3. Even If You Post Every Minute on Twitter Doesn't Mean We want to Hear It Too
    Now, this rule is a little lax, but do realize that not everybody is interested in everything you are. Stop babbling about the latest fad, or talking about how awesomely cool you are, or posting every excruciating detail on what you are doing. If nobody is replying after a short string of comments, its best to stop, lest you want to look like you're talking to yourself.

    If you do decide to post anyways despite signs of people not caring, prepare to be ignored. Extreme cases, such as spamming, will lead to being kicked out.

If what is listed seems a little bit intimidating, it isn't. To sum it up in three words, use common sense!

We don't want to cause trouble anymore than you want to. Unless specified above, all rule breakers will receive a fair warning or two before more extreme measures are utilized. Anybody in the group also holds the right to complain if any of the rules are broken thoroughly. Also, administrators, operators, or anybody above your rank of standing have the right to dole out judgement to keep order. If you feel as if you're being singled out, don't jump back on the saddle and argue; that'll just make things worse. Instead, personally message them (or another higher ranker) via Notes or PM to settle things.

Also note that this list of rules is not definitive and may change as time goes by. Also feel free to give suggestions so that all of us may live in peace!


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Rules! (duh) Empty Re: Rules! (duh)

Post  JjinttaSet Fri Dec 24, 2010 3:47 pm

Rules! (duh) SanfordRules! (duh) D696ac48d3c0efbc0746e7be002170b7
don't be that guy ^ XDDD

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Rules! (duh) Empty Re: Rules! (duh)

Post  Destroyer9283 Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:03 pm

Excellent! Thank you dqle! Very Happy

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Rules! (duh) Empty Re: Rules! (duh)

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